When you bring a new Pomeranian home, this is going to be a huge change; for both Pom and all members of your family. The addition to your family will affect other pets that you may have, as well.A young Pomeranian puppy needs a careful and planned introduction into your home…And a steady socialization to all things. Without a plan, your new puppy may become very stressed and overwhelmed. It is a happy time, but for a pup that is leaving all he or she knew, it can over overwhelming…Stress on a dog of any age can cause not only emotional, but physical health problems.As a loving owner, you must take charge to gently show your new Pom their new world, make a smooth introduction to all the people and/or animals that will be their new family and help them feel comfortable and welcomed. The Pomeranian is a happy and affectionate breed. He or she should have no problem blending well into any family environment by following some guidelines.

Introduction to human Family Members

Many owners do not think about the element of socializing a Pomeranian puppy to the home and immediate family members, however one should follow guidelines to make this transition go smoothly. With a good, solid foundation of socialization done for this first new change in a puppy’s life, it will set the tone for introduction to all sorts of new people, places and elements that the Pom will encounter as he grows older. If you have other family members, you should ask them to be sitting quietly in a room, for your arrival back with your puppy. A Pom will feel very overwhelmed if everyone rushes to him. A sudden barrage of loud voices, pats and hugs from a multitude of people can frighten a small puppy, even though all intentions are good. In whatever method you obtained your puppy, he will most likely already have a sense of you. He will know your smell, your voice and your touch. When you arrive home, an introduction should be made to each individual person, one at a time. Have each person say hello in a calm and pleasant voice. Allow your puppy to smell them and get a sense for who they are. Each person should have a small treat. Too many treats and your puppy’s tummy may be full by the time he meets everyone!

Introduction to Other Pets

This is a very important aspect to bringing your new family member home. One cannot expect current dog and cat pets to suddenly be socialized in the acceptance of a new dog and at the same time expect a new Pomeranian puppy to suddenly know how to get along with other animals. Since you are just getting your new dog, it is the current pets you have that must be taught to be properly socialized with another dog. It is unwise to assume that because a pet has a wonderful personality and has always shown good behavior that they will become instant best friends with the new arrival. A sudden change of having a new puppy in the home can trigger quite a mess of chaos if your pets are not ready!